Word Spark DINOSAUR Level 8 Answers

Thank you for visiting our website, which helps with the answers for the Word Spark games. On this page we are posted for you Word Spark DINOSAUR Level 8 answers, cheats, walkthroughs and solutions. This game was created by a HI STUDIO LIMITED team that created a lot of great games for Android and iOS like a Word Spark Hexa and Word Spark Select.


The Word Spark gameplay is so simple that it can be played by people of all ages. In the game you must collect all the right words from the provided letters.

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Word Spark DINOSAUR Level 8 answers



    1. Although your solution has been posted it still cannot be done as soon as you put in couch the wheel starts turning. I have used 13 hints.

  1. Has anyone figured this out yet. Been stuck on this level forever. Know the answers but can’t get them in the order.

  2. TABLE is first. T. A. B. then take the L that is the 3rd letter on the top line and then the E that’s the 4th letter on the 2nd line. Next spell out COUCH. After that you can access ENVELOPE and ACADEMY.

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